Lamar Middle School Choir

This is the official website of the Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy Choir located in Austin, Texas.

Meeting Minutes 2/4/16

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Cinderella
    • Need someone to set up Volunteer Spot page
      • Ticket Sales - 2 each night
      • Will Call - 1 each night
      • Posters - 1 each night
      • Concessions - 2 each night (could be students)
      • Concession Coupons - 1 each night
    • Concessions & Taxes
      • According to the comptrollers website, concessions are exempt from paying "after-the-fact" sales tax
      • Instead of selling individual items, we will sell coupons that can be exchanged for concession items
    • Autographed Cinderella posters are available for pre-sale on the Choir website
  • Playland Skating Fundraiser
    • April 2 - 10am-12pm
    • NOT open to the public so we need to spread the word. The first 60 people pay for the rink - we don't make any money until we have more than 60.
    • Starkey will submit a Master Calendar Request so that the information can go out in the WAAG, Newsletter, etc.
    • Melissa will submit the Fundraiser request form so that we can ask permission to post flyers about the event around school
  • Alamo Drafthouse Fundraiser
    • Melissa hasn't heard back from the ADH lady so we are assuming it isn't happening
  • Fancloth Fundraiser $$
    • Being used to reimburse the Choir Activity Account for Scholarships totaling $1,050
  • Upcoming Booster Club Funds needed for:
    • UIL Accompanist (TBD)
    • Post-UIL Ice Cream Party - Friday April 8
      • Booster Club will pay for all party items