Meeting Minutes 11/5/15

  1. Fancloth Fundraiser
    • Meeting this weekend to enter paper orders online
    • Saturday morning?
    • $22 Pre-sort option
      • Mrs. Jackson moved that we vote, Sabrina seconded - approved
    • Need parents to look through bags the day things arrive to make sure that everything is accounted for.
  2. Phil's/Amy's Fundraiser - Monday 11/9
    • Anyone can go at ANY TIME during the day and say they are there for Lamar Choir
    • % of fundraiser is higher depending on how many people "check-in 
    • 3 different events/meetings on Monday - fliers (talk to Llewellyn)
    • Open until 11
    • Kids will be able to sing karaoke outside
      • Sabrina will bring hats to pass around
      • The kids who sing will benefit from the money donated
  3. Setting up a carpool for the Winter Concert
    • Mrs. Jackson will set up a Google Spreadsheet