Meeting Minutes 3/3/16


  • Judge payment - $210

Playland Fundraiser

  • Saturday April 2

  • 10am - 12pm

  • Invite EVERYONE!

  • Need to fill out green fundraiser form


  • April 6th & 7th at the PAC

  • No schedule available yet

    • Most likely - SS/TD on the 6th, DD on the 7th (hopefully AM)

  • Parents are welcome to come sit in the auditorium and listen if they are available during the day - you can also ride the bus with us.

UIL Ice Cream Party

  • Ice Cream

  • Toppings

  • Sauces

  • Whipped Cream

  • Bowls

  • Spoons

  • Table Cloths

  • Coolers/Ice?

  • Set-Up/Clean-Up (Starkey will set up using VolunteerSpot)

  • Merrell Anne and Lydia volunteered to pick up all the ice cream stuff at HEB on the day of.

Purple Pups Show

  • April 19th

  • Lamar Cafeteria

  • Other students can help with this show (lights, sound, curtain, etc.) for NJHS hours or also to count towards their FAA performance requirement. Dress Rehearsal is from 3:30-5:30 - Concert at 6pm.

South Padre Trip

  • Rough Itinerary in the works. View it HERE

Spring Show

  • Waiting to hear from George about using McCallum Facilities

  • Also if it will be one night or two depending on when the 8th grade advancement ceremony is scheduled.

  • If we have to do it all on one night, it will (hopefully) be in the MA

Party for Incoming Parents

  • Lydia Ortiz helping to plan

  • May 6th - proposed date

  • La Mancha - proposed venue

    • **UPDATE: Starkey talked to Rudy (GM @ La Mancha) - he said that he could get us into the back room. Said May 3rd or 4th may be better (the 5th is Cinco de Mayo and they will be really busy; Fridays are usually super busy also). 

New Business

  • Starkey wants a new electric piano for the choir room. The old one is on its last leg of life. New piano somewhere in the $5,000-$6,000 range. AISD might also agree to match our contribution and pay for half.