Choir Booster Club Meeting - November 10, 2016

In attendance:  Amy Edwards, Megan Starkey, Jessica Son,           Leland Smith, Kim Placker, Melissa Light

Our next fundraiser is on Dec. 5 at Phil’s and Amy’s.  A portion of the proceeds from sales the entire day will benefit the Lamar Choir.  Karoke will happen from 6-8 pm.  Amy will make a flyer for this event and get the word out. 

For the winter show on Dec. 15, we need to organize a carpool to get students to the PAC.  Booster Club will also purchase pizza for the students for dinner.  In the email about the carpool, we will ask parents to let us know about any diet restrictions.  We will also purchase water bottles for the students. In addition, signs are needed for the parking spaces and the reserved seats for those silent auction items.  Ms. Starkey also recommended we purchase gift cards for the three students who will be playing percussion during the concert.

On the Saturday, Nov. 26, Scottie Singers will ride and sing on a float in the Chuy’s Parade.

On Dec. 5, the Lamar Fine Arts Showcase will be held at the PAC during the school day.  Scottie Singers will perform.

Each week, the Fancloth organization selects one group to receive an additional $1000 and we were selected to receive these funds.  Ms. Starkey has already received the check.

We discussed the possibility of paying hotel fees for Ms. Starkey to attend the music convention in Feb. Currently, the school pays for the registration fees, but she pays for the hotel out of her own pocket.  We will look into policies to see the best way to help her with this and will discuss again at the next meeting.

Melissa is working on getting all the funds collected for the silent auction items from our La Mancha social.