Lamar Choir Booster Club Meeting - December 1, 2016

In attendance: Melissa Light, Megan Starkey, Jessica Son, Dalena Salo, Sarah Starnes,         Nancy Butlin, Margaret Bridgeman, Nikki Griffin and Kim Placker

Dalena motioned that the Booster club pay for the hotel fees for Ms. Starkey when she attends the TMEA conference in February.  It was seconded and the vote was in favor unanimously.

We still need drivers for the holiday concert.  We only have 44 seats filled and closer to 164 are needed. Jessica will resend the email tomorrow requesting more drivers.  Ms. Starkey will send a private transportation form home with all students.  Once we have all the drivers listed, another email will be sent for parents/students to sign up to ride in a particular car.

For the Rosedale event, there are 28 seats of 41 covered.  Ms. Starkey can ask Rosedale to send their bus to help with transportation if we don’t get enough drivers.

Nikki reviewed the budget. The report does not include the payment to Fancloth or the $1000 check from them. It also does not include the silent auction items.  She will work with Melissa after the meeting to get an update on the silent auction.

The two fundraisers coming up are Phil’s/Amy’s and Alamo Drafthouse.  Phil’s/Amy’s is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5th and has already been advertised. We need to continue to remind people to say they are with the Lamar Choir when they place their order.  The Alamo Drafthouse fundraiser is still in the planning stages with no date set yet.

Secret Santa parties are coming up with the A-day party on Tues., Dec. 19th and B-day party on Tues., Dec. 20th during choir class.  Parents are invited to attend.  In addition, Ms. Starkey will be decorating the choir room tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 2) after school and choir students are welcome to attend.

The spring trip to San Antonio is on May 13.  Ms. Starkey is still working on getting an invoice for the transportation. Once she has this, she will send out the permission slip and payment information.  The performances start at 8 am.  Once they are over, they will head to Six Flags. They will then go to the award ceremony that evening before returning to Austin. This year the Pop Choir will also be included for this trip.

Nikki said our taxes are due and she gathered the contact information needed to submit the paperwork. In addition, we will need to pay for booster club membership after the new year.  She will take care of both of these items for us. 

We discussed the winter concert.  We need to determine the seats and parking spaces that need to be reserved.  We need cones to block off the spaces.  Sarah and Nancy offered to bring cones. Melissa will call the PAC and ask if they have cones we can use for this purpose. Dalena also volunteered to make RESERVED signs to place on the seats and will be reimbursed for the cost of the materials.  We will section off the reserved seats and the rest will be first come, first served.