October 6, 2016

In attendance:  Megan Starkey, Melissa B. Light, Kim Placker, Peggy Dieterich, Amy Edwards, Raman Gull, Dalena Salo, Nancy Butlin, Sabrina Wallace, Margaret Bridgeman, Nikki Griffin, and Dvorah Ben-Moshe


Melissa shared information about the Booster club and asked for volunteers for Fundraising Chair.  

Ms. Starkey shared information about how funds are used. The recent Fancloth fundraiser will bring in around $3000.  Short-term goals include providing 10 scholarships for the end of the year trip to San Antonio, which is about $900.  A long-term goal would be to get more risers, but for now it hasn’t been a problem because she has been able to access the AISD PAC for performances. 

For the musical, the work and funds will be split between all 3 groups: choir, theater and dance.  We discussed ideas for items to sell at Seussical which include auctioning signed posters, signed pictures of the cast, selling notes for $1 for people to purchase, sign and post for cast members.  We also discussed selling approximately 10 “quick escape” parking spaces.

Amy Edwards and Nancy Butlin volunteered to co-chair Fundraising.  We have several fundraisers that worked last year that we will most likely attempt again.  Nancy is a musician and suggested we use musician contacts to support our group.  Brentwood did something called “Brentwood Rocks” and more ideas were shared.  This could be our own ACL.  We would need to get permission from the principal to have it on campus and get it on the calendar before moving forward with the idea.

We now have partnerships with the Texas Performing Arts and Zach Scott to call on for tickets/support.  Dvorah Ben-Moshe suggested we ask for venues to provide space in support of our arts program and would also like to see a partnership with the deaf community. 

Ms. Starkey has arranged for a get to know you social at La Mancha for parents to get more involvement.  The date will be determined soon.