Meeting Minutes 10/1/15

1. Good News

Ms starkey was able to afford 8 sets of risers, once they are delivered, she will need handy folks to help put them together and figure out if we will be able to order 4 more sets that will be left in the hallway when not in use.

2. Treasurer's Report

The booster club has raised more than $3100 this year.  according to ms starkey's numbers, it is actually closer to $4000.  the club currently has $5971.19.  plus $900 more if ms starkey's numbers are correct.  last year the booster club had closer to $100 in savings!

3. There is a new website: is the way to access it until the domain host switches over the domain.  you will find the calendar, charms, make payments, etc...through this new site.

4. Voice Lessons

Brittany Trinite wanted to introduce herself as the voice lesson teacher. You can even contact her and make payments through the new website. If you are interested, she can be contacted at or (512)924-3672

5. Fundraiser

-Fancloth! fundraiser starts on October 26 for two weeks.  This fundraiser will be used to help pay for scholarships for the padre trip and maybe offset the price of the trip for all of the students if enough funds are raised.  Do we set a minimum amount for each child to sell? How will the funds be allocated for the kids in need of scholarship?

The club needs to get links for the fancloth merch in: the scottie newsletter, WAAG, FB page, charms and neighborhood newsletters.

-Discussion of another fundraiser/social: movie and sing along in a park free with donated snacks for sale or potluck in the park with performances. to be discussed further to help off set price of padre trip for students who participate.

6. Upcoming Events
Homecoming (10/5/)
All City Choir (10/24 & 10/29)
Scottie Singer Gigs
-Possible performance at PAC, night before holiday show (Monday night)
-Brentwood, ARTA (during school)
-Chuy's Christmas Parade, Capital Tree lighting