Choir Booster Club Meeting

December 5, 2018, 6:30 p.m. Choir Room

In attendance: Megan Starkey, Laura D., Ashley F., Josh P., Lara G.

Treasurer’s Report / Fundraising

Both FanCloth and Parent Booster USA have been paid (early payment on Parent Booster = discount). Tax information has been submitted.

The Booster Club has a checking balance of around $5,000, and a savings balance of around $5,000. Ashley is looking into the reason for the dual accounts, and if they can or should be consolidated.

Ashley would like to put together a budget of rough costs of things throughout the year, to give those who follow in our footsteps a little guidance. She would also like to get a treasurer lined up for next year, so that she can share her knowledge of the position ahead of time.

All agreed this was a really good idea.

The end-of-year social at Phil’s Icehouse/Amy’s Ice Cream will be here before we know it and is expected to cost around $800, based on last year’s event.

Megan submitted a receipt and will receive reimbursement for dry-cleaning of one of the “Princess” dresses, at about $55. This brought up the issue of dry-cleaning for the remainder of the dresses, which all in attendance agreed was a good idea and that the Booster Club would likely pay for that (we will look into number of dresses and approximate cost).

Megan reminded us that we’ll need a check for the accompanist for the upcoming show (the accompanist will submit an invoice). Cynthia is the accompanist (she did so for the UIL event as well).

Voice Lesson Scholarship

The idea of a scholarship/financial aid for choir students to pursue private voice lessons was discussed. We are narrowing down the scope of this, and at this point we agree it should be somewhat similar in structure to the Choir Trip scholarship. We’d like for the recipient students/parents to have some ownership, and feel that an application process to include grade review and essay should be on the table. Additionally, the student might contribute hours toward the Choir Program’s needs (helping clean the choir room, organize the music library, etc.).

The amount of scholarship might be from 25-50% of the cost of lessons, with an eye toward assisting more than one student at a time. Should only one student make a request, perhaps they could receive the full amount (1 student at 50% versus 2 students at 25% each, or some similar setup).

Winter Concert

The Winter Concert is on Thursday, December 13, 7:00pm at the PAC. Megan set up a reminder email to go out to parents. MOD Pizza is offering to give the Booster Club 20% of sales on that with the presentation of the coupon that Megan has sent out. The Booster Club will provide the kids with MOD Pizza before the show (6:00pm). There are 153 kids and some parent helpers, so we are assuming the feeding of 160 people and therefore ordering 60 or so pizzas, 2/3 of those being cheese and the remainder pepperoni.

Megan will send out a volunteer list for drivers to get the kids from Lamar to the PAC (parents are responsible for getting them home after the performance).

Rosedale School performance

Scottie Singers are caroling at Rosedale Elementary on Wednesday, December 19, from 2:15 to 3:00pm. A sign-up sheet has been sent around to carpool the kids to and from this event, with several parents already volunteering. Megan will give the kids the signup sheet so they can select with whom they want to ride.


The MOD Pizza 20%-of-proceeds-event on December 13 is the only fundraiser in the near-term. 20% of sales all day long will go to Lamar Choir if the Lamar Choir flyer is shown, either physically or digitally. This fundraiser is not valid for online sales. The pizza the Booster Club orders to feed the kids pre-show is usually discounted 20% in lieu of returning money to the Club. Megan will send another reminder/flyer email out the day before to remind everyone to aid the Choir Program by eating MOD Pizza the day of the event.

Aladdin Jr.

First run-through was today, everything going well.

Feeding the kids on show nights:

Monday – pizza (all strands contributing).

Tuesday – theater providing.

Wednesday – Choir providing FlyRite chicken strips. Cost will be about $400 for the chicken and some fruits/veggies which we’ll pick up and slice. We should send a notice to parents letting them know the what we are providing so they can make alternate meal plans if necessary.

Thursday – dance providing.


The idea was raised that things would run more smoothly behind the concession counter if we had a “Concession Manager” for each night of the event. This person (ideally having experience with the PAC concession situation) would be in charge of processes and the division of labor. We’ve had well-intentioned volunteers in the past, but having one person calling the shots would make for a more efficient (profitable, pleasurable?) concession experience. We should make clear on the SignUp Genius site that there will be a manager directing things, so that everyone goes in with the same expectations.

It was suggested that to battle the long concession lines during intermission, we set up a pre-show ordering system. One could order and pay for whatever they want, and at intermission could find their items labeled for them on a side table or in the multipurpose room. During the first act, volunteers could assemble the items and label them/place them. In order for this to work well, we should remind volunteers to sign up for nights on which their child will not be on stage, so that they don’t miss the show or bail on their volunteer commitment.

We will be able to leave concession supplies at the PAC from load-in through the final show night.