Choir Booster Club Meeting

September 6, 2018

La Mancha


In attendance: Megan Starkey, Laura D., Ashley F., Josh P., Thelma P., Lara G., Austin D., Sherry J., Sarah, Ally, Raman G., Sarah H., Laura W.

Introductions were made and Laura D. explained the purpose and goals of the Club for first-time attendees.

Ashley stated the account balance is roughly $4400, and noted that the Booster Club provided $100 toward the ice cream social.

Megan noted that she is getting new dresses for the Doggie Dames, which will cost in the neighborhood of $3,000.  The Booster Club may contribute funds if the total exceeds $3,000.

The Fancloth fundraiser will be held October 1st through 15th.  Additional ideas for fundraising were raised:

·       Lamar clothing/swag sales table at the Fall Festival on November 2

·       Restaurant nights, where a share of restaurants’ sales/profit go to the choir program

The South Padre Island trip (May 17-19, 2019) was discussed, and the availability of trip scholarships was addressed.  Scholarships are available only to students who qualify for the free/discounted lunch program.  There is an application process and the requesting student must provide a letter stating their interest in the trip and the choir program, and support for why they are a deserving recipient.  The Booster Club Board reviews the applications and decides which applicants receive scholarships.  Megan noted that historically, very few applications have been received.  There is no established limit on the number or total dollar value of trip scholarships provided each year.

Looking toward the spring musical (Aladdin), Megan noted that the Choir, Dance, and Theater programs will convene late October/early November to discuss how to divvy up the various tasks associated with putting the musical together.  From there Megan and the Booster Club can work to fulfill the roles that the choir program will fill.  The idea of a backstage parent to keep the kids in check was raised, as there were some behavioral issues backstage last year. This year there will be a need to feed the kids for three nights of rehearsals; we should keep in mind restaurants that might be willing to fill this need.  Megan will provide a full-page ad for any establishment that agrees to feed the kids for a night.  The Booster Club provided funds to feed the kids during last year’s rehearsals; it was noted that the kids grew tired of pizza, and there was quite a bit of wasted food.  Megan noted the “That’s a Wrap Party” is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2019.

The inaugural meeting of the 2018-2019 Choir Booster Club was adjourned.