Lamar Choir Booster Club Meeting - March minutes

In attendance: Megan Starkey, Jocelyn Mellberg, Nicky Britton, Nancy Butlin, Margaret Bridgeman, Nikki Griffin, Jessica Son, Dalena Salo,nLydia Ortiz, and Kim Placker

Ms. Starkey asked if the club can pay the fee for the judge for solo and ensemble this Saturday. It was approved unanimously.

New York. Carnegie Hall June 24th is most likely the date we will attend in 2018.  Ms. Starkey read the letter she received about the concert production. Rehearsal would occur on day 1 & 2 with the production on day 3. The package Ms. Starkey recommends includes venue, staff, experience, preparation, lodging and transportation which is $1099 and $649 for chaperones. This does not include airfare. Nikki asked about checking into prices in case we might be able to find package deals for air and lodges. She will look into this before the first payment is due in April. Ms. Starkey shared the sample itinerary. As for chaperones, she is hoping for a 6-1 ratio. This opportunity will be offered to Scottie Singers only and not all have to attend. Ms. Starkey asked if McCallum wanted to participate and they agreed, but there are no specifics yet as to how those students will be selected. We also discussed the need to discuss fundraising and what %age of general fundraisers should go toward this event since it is only including one of the 4 choirs.

We discussed the income from Seussical and there is still some confusion as to what was purchased on and other items that were sold. For future reference, the stars were good and pictures were great for the kids, but no profit was made and it was a lot of work. It would be great if the kids can be more involved and have them sold at lunch so other students can purchase them for their friends. Concessions also did not make very much so we might want consider having parents donate and be sure to advertise what is available, especially if there are foods that can serve as dinner. We discussed different vendors we might use own the road. The posters, photos and DVDs made a good profit. At this point, it looks like we made about $1000 to be divided between the 3 groups.

For the year, we have brought in more than $6000. The current balance is not accurate because we need to pay for a few items. We discussed upcoming ways to spend our funds. Ms. Starkey will cover the Carnegie trip down payment, but has a list of Spring Show items the Booster Club can fund.

We discussed the Alamo Drafthouse fundraiser. Nancy was finally able to get in touch with someone and there are three options. 1) They can donate tickets and food and beverage tokens for up to 12 people. 2) We ask for a specific movie and time, then need to pay for the rights to the movie. 3) Pick one of their already established movies and times. Beauty and the Beast is an option for a Saturday morning screening and we will get a profit from those who purchase tickets. We all agreed on option 3 and Nancy will finalize the plans.

Ms. Starkey said we had silent auction baskets last year for the Spring Show and it brought in a lot of money. She asked if we want to do this again. There were mixed feelings because it is a lot of work to get the baskets together without having to spend a lot to make them complete. We thought just silent auction items like gift cards would be better.

Our next meeting is on April 13th at 6:30 pm..