Cinderella Cast List

Congratulations to our Cinderella Cast and thank you to everyone who auditioned. We had many tough decisions to make because there is so much talent at Lamar!



Cinderella - River Rutledge (Cydney Placker u/s, Daughter)
Prince - Charlie Stone (Eli Carll u/s, Butcher)
Godmother - Graceyn Garza (Moses Copeland u/s, Grandmother)
King - Jordan Trimyer (Terrel Hall u/s, Father)
Queen - Lucy Abramowitz (Allison Vanderslice u/s, Mother)
Herald - Ava Grace Light-Whipple (Cara Jackson u/s, Little Girl)
Portia - Emma Wallace (Veronica Britton u/s, Sloppy Sister)
Joy - Jeannine Bradsby (Stella Shenkman u/s, Mean Sister)
Stepmother - Hallie Jane Richeson (Weatherly Giblin u/s, Studious Sister)
Chef - Dexter Murphy (Cassie Willard u/s, Cheese Steward)


Coachman - Evan Lucas
Footman - Oliver Boyd
Little Kid - Audrey Thurmond
Horses - Annika Tracy, Raven Rutledge, Harper Cummings, Avery Miller
Girl 1 - Sarah Slaten
Girl 2 Group -  Helen Heustess
Girl 3 Group - Lia Jones, Zoe Griffith, Ariana Estrada
Dessert Chefs - Campbell Race, Diana Hardage,  Eliza Dean-Polacheck
Cheese Stewards - Nevaeh Wharton, Raleigh Margulies, Amelie Chaouat

The full cast read-through will be on Monday October 26th right after school in the choir room until 5:00pm.