Audition Requirements

All students auditioning for Scottie Singers will need to be prepared to sing the following:

  • Vocalises/warm-up exercises to show vocal range

  • Pitch Matching

    • Director will play two notes on the piano, student will sing notes back on a "loo."

  • The first verse of My Country Tis of Thee (MUST be memorized)

  • A Sight-Reading excerpt chosen by the director

    • 8-measures in length

    • Key of C Major or F Major (your choice)

    • All step-wise motion (no skips)

    • Whole notes/rests, half notes/rests, quarter notes/rests

Audition Music

Please practice in all three keys and choose the one that is most comfortable for you. When you arrive at your audition, inform the director which key you would like to audition with (Regular, High, Low).

Ms. Starkey as well as the current 8th grade Scottie Singer Section leaders will be judging the auditions. Below is the score sheet that the judges will be using. This is just for your reference. You do NOT need to print this sheet.