Solo/Ensemble Results

The following Solos/Ensembles will be featured in this year's Spring Show "British Invasion."

Wannabe - Kennedy, Carden, Anna, Jamie, Audrey
Pricetag - Kathryn, Mabry, Josie, Ava
Kiss You - Stella, Megan, Kate, Daniela
Like a Star - Ivy
Castle on a Hill - Avi
Behind Blue Eyes - Kai
Seaside Rendevous - Sidney
Imagine - Emma

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for the Region 18 TMEA All-Region Choir today! We had 50 students from Lamar audition, and 39 scored high enough to qualify them into the Region Choir!

Tenor/Bass Choir
Julian Magee - 6th Chair Tenor 1
Kai Kirkham - 11th Chair Tenor 2
John Wood - 18th Chair Tenor 2
Garrett Michulka - 9th Chair Bass
Santiago Ortiz - 10th Chair Bass

7th Grade Treble Choir
Stella Pitts - 3rd Chair Soprano 1
Lydia Reedy - 8th Chair Soprano 1
Megan McHorse - 17th Chair Soprano 1
Cate Thomason - 23rd Chair Soprano 1
Ava LaWare - 26th Chair Soprano 1
Kate Shackelford - 1st Chair Soprano 2
Sidney Weaver - 3rd Chair Soprano 2
Anasofia Eyman - 6th Chair Soprano 2
Josie Bradsby - 10th Chair Soprano 2
Mabry Adair - 12th Chair Soprano 2
Farnaz Assadi - 21st Chiar Soprano 2
Kathryn Dooley - 2nd Chair Alto
Siena Butlin - 4th Chair Alto
Phoebe McCabe - 12th Chair Alto
Parker Mitchell - 19th Chair Alto

8th Grade Treble Choir
Samantha Powers - 6th Chair Soprano 1
Kennedy Weatherby - 10th Chair Soprano 1
Kendall Smith - 20th Chair Soprano 1
Ella Greene - 22nd Chair Soprano 1
Lucy Nichols - 25th Chair Soprano 1
Anna Fulton - 26th Chair Soprano 1
Emma Mattie - 2nd Chair Soprano 2
Carden Arellano - 5th Chair Soprano 2
Evelyn Griffin - 7th Chair Soprano 2
Amethyst Mellberg-Smith - 9th Chair Soprano 2
Nica Medel - 12th Chair Soprano 2
Alysa Spiro - 1st Chair Alto
Keely McNab - 4th Chair Alto
Zara Terrazas-Graham - 5th Chair Alto
Jamie Antonacci - 6th Chair Alto
Ivy Golyzniak - 9th Chair Alto
Veronica Britton - 10th Chair Alto
Annika Tracy - 14th Chair Alto
Frances Arellano - 24th Chair Alto

Scottie Singers

Congratulations to the newest members of the 2017-18 scottie Singers!


Alyssa Sanchez

Amethyst Mellberg-Smith

Anasofia Eyman

Anna Fox

Audrey Thurmond

Carden Arellano

Claire Baumgardner (incoming 6th grade)

Daniela Morrow

Frances Arellano

Helena Wiese

Jamie Antonacci

Kate Baldwin

Keely McNab (St. Theresa’s)

Lila Boyd

Lydia Reedy

Megan McHorse

Nia Wayman

Nica Medel

Parker Mitchell

Reva Gill

Sarah Crow

Stella Pitts

Zara Terrazas-Graham

Scottie Singers 2016-2017

Congratulations to the newest members of the 2016-17 scottie Singers!




Isabella Bonesteel

Kaia Boyle

Veronica Britton

Amelie Chaouat

Ivy Jane Golyzniak

Ella Greene

Taelisen Hutson

Abigail Jones

Sydney Jones

Emma Mattie

Lucy Nichols

Cydney Placker

Samantha Powers

River Rutledge

Raven Rutledge

Olivia Salo

Kendall Smith

Annika Tracy

Maeve Walsh

Fiona Wyrtzen

2016 TMEA All-Region Choir Results

Congrats to the following students who made the 2016 TMEA All-Region Choir!

Men's Choir

Madison Mills - 11th Chair T1
Taft Stansel - 6th Chair T1
Charlie Stone - 4th Chair T2
Caleb Jackson - 15th Chair T2
Stephen Shearer - 17th Chair T2
Luke Robb - 20th Chair T2

8th Grade Treble

Daniela Aranda - 6th Chair S1
Caileigh Dowell - 10th Chair S1
Olivia Barragan - 7th Chair S2
Maryanna Tollemache - 10th Chair S2
Sarah Slaten - 15th Chair S2
Charlotte Evelyn - 16th Chair S2
Amelia Paul - 4th Chair Alto
Ariana Estrada - 5th Chair Alto
Jeannine Bradsby - 11th Chair Alto
Sara Milliken - 6th Chair Alto

7th Grade Treble

Cara Jackson - 6th Chair S1
Emma Wallace - 3rd Chair S1
Ella Rutman - 3rd Chair S2
Sydney Jones - 6th Chair S2
Darian Dieterich - 10th Chair Alto
Ava Grace Light Whipple - 1st Chair Alto
Kaia Boyle - 4th Chair Alto
Helen Heustess - 12th Chair Alto

Top FanCloth Seller

Thank you all for your participation in the FanCloth Fundraiser! You raised alot of money for the Choir Booster Club that will help cover various choir expenses.

The top seller and winner of the Kindle Fire is MATI CURRIE who sold 27 ITEMS!! Way to go Mati!

Cinderella Cast List

Congratulations to our Cinderella Cast and thank you to everyone who auditioned. We had many tough decisions to make because there is so much talent at Lamar!



Cinderella - River Rutledge (Cydney Placker u/s, Daughter)
Prince - Charlie Stone (Eli Carll u/s, Butcher)
Godmother - Graceyn Garza (Moses Copeland u/s, Grandmother)
King - Jordan Trimyer (Terrel Hall u/s, Father)
Queen - Lucy Abramowitz (Allison Vanderslice u/s, Mother)
Herald - Ava Grace Light-Whipple (Cara Jackson u/s, Little Girl)
Portia - Emma Wallace (Veronica Britton u/s, Sloppy Sister)
Joy - Jeannine Bradsby (Stella Shenkman u/s, Mean Sister)
Stepmother - Hallie Jane Richeson (Weatherly Giblin u/s, Studious Sister)
Chef - Dexter Murphy (Cassie Willard u/s, Cheese Steward)


Coachman - Evan Lucas
Footman - Oliver Boyd
Little Kid - Audrey Thurmond
Horses - Annika Tracy, Raven Rutledge, Harper Cummings, Avery Miller
Girl 1 - Sarah Slaten
Girl 2 Group -  Helen Heustess
Girl 3 Group - Lia Jones, Zoe Griffith, Ariana Estrada
Dessert Chefs - Campbell Race, Diana Hardage,  Eliza Dean-Polacheck
Cheese Stewards - Nevaeh Wharton, Raleigh Margulies, Amelie Chaouat

The full cast read-through will be on Monday October 26th right after school in the choir room until 5:00pm.

FanCloth Fundraiser

On Monday, October 26th, the Lamar Choir Booster Club will be starting it's first fundraiser of the year. Students will have the opportunity to sell lots of awesome clothing items personalized for Lamar Middle School! Take a look at the catalogue on the LAMAR CHOIR BOOSTER PAGE. You also have the option of ordering online! (The online ordering page won't be available until October 26th.) This will allow you to sell to family/friends who live out of town or want to pay by Credit/Debit. 

All order forms and online orders must be turned in/made by November 6th. 

This fundraiser will help raise money for scholarships for the Spring Trip to South Padre Island, so SELL, SELL, SELL!

All-City Honor Choir

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Lamar at the AISD All-City Honor Choir Festival!

Olivia Barragan
Alysa Bijl-Spiro
Madi Catalano
Darian Dieterich
Ariana Estrada
Evelyn Griffin
Ava Grace Light-Whipple
Santiago Ortiz
Cydney Placker
Samantha Powers
Sarah Slaten
Kennedy Weatherby