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Once Upon a Mattress Auditions

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CharacterVocal TypeLow NoteHigh NoteDescription
Princess Winnifred the Woebegone Mezzo-Soprano Ab Bb She is not the “classical” princess in any sense of the word. Spirited and fun, gracious and friendly, and perhaps a bit quirky, she can swim moats, lift weights and prefers the swamps of home to a fancy castle.
Queen Aggravain Alto A B She is an overbearing woman in full control of the kingdom. She is lively and domineering, yet comical. She is very protective of her most prized possession, her only son, Dauntless and does not want him to get married. Heavy speaking requirements.
King N/A N/A N/A A kind, expressive, playful, and comedic character who is silent due to a curse placed upon him by a witch before the birth of Dauntless. Needs good improv skills.
Prince Dauntless the Drab Baritone A Eb A nice everyday type of Prince who desperately wants to get married and is held back by his mother. He is child-like, naïve, with a likeable sense of innocence. He adores “Fred” and is in awe of her every step.
Wizard Baritone B D An egotistical, ex-performer who directly serves as the Queen’s Loyal Confidante. He/she prides himself/herself in this position and basically obeys all of the Queen’s orders. Moderate speaking requirements.
Sir Harry Tenor C F He is a manly knight, the most influential in the kingdom, but also a bit of an egotist. He is desperate to find Dauntless a wife so he and Lady Larken can marry. He is chivalrous, brave, determined and a bit taken with himself.
Lady Larken Soprano D F The queen’s lady-in-waiting. She is graceful, charming and in love with Sir Harry. She is very eager for Dauntless to marry so she can wed Harry. She is eager to please and would never cause embarrassment to her love, Sir Harry.
Minstrel Baritone or Alto G B The narrator of the story who also blends into the scenes. He/she has an air of confidence and enjoys telling the real story to the audience. A very likeable character and cunning when need be.
Jester Baritone or Alto G Bb An energetic and peppy man/woman who is the King's right-hand and assists him with every endeavor.
Lucille Mezzo-Soprano A Bb Lady-in waiting
Rowena Mezzo-Soprano C B Lady-in waiting
1st Knight Any C# G#
2nd Knight Any E B
3rd Knight Any C# C#
Beatrice N/A N/A N/A Member of the kingdom; leads the Spanish Panic dance
Harold N/A N/A N/A Member of the kingdom; leads the Spanish Panic dance
Knights Male Chorus
Ladies-in-Waiting Female Chorus

All audition materials should be memorized

Audition Songs

Female Audition Music

1. Shy — Winnifred
2. Sensitivity — Queen Aggravain
3. Happily Ever After — Lady Larken

Male Audition Music

1. Song Of Love – Prince Dauntless
2. Yesterday I Loved You – Sir Harry

Gender Neutral Audition Music

1. The Minstrel, The Jester and I – Minstrel, Jester and King (this is a pantomime audition for the king)

Chorus Audition Music (*You will audition as a group) (**The Wizard will audition with the Chorus.)

1. Prologue - Many Moons Ago

Audition Sides