Lamar Middle School Choir

This is the official website of the Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy Choir located in Austin, Texas.

FAA Vocal Arts Strand Audition Requirements

All students auditioning for the Vocal strand will need to be prepared to sing the following:

  • Vocalises/warm-up exercises to show vocal range

  • Pitch Matching

    • Director will play two notes on the piano, student will sing notes back on a "loo."

  • The first verse of My Country Tis of Thee (MUST be memorized)

  • A Sight-Reading excerpt chosen by the director

    • 8-measures in length

    • Key of C Major (no sharps or flats)

    • All step-wise motion (no skips)

    • Whole notes/rests, half notes/rests, quarter notes/rests

Sight-Reading Study Resources

One-Minute Sight Singing


One-Minute Sight Singing is a great resource to help you prepare for the sight-reading portion of your audition. Unit 2 in this book is equal to the difficulty level of your audition excerpt.

*Click on the picture to purchase online.